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Monthly Book Discussion

Our next book club meeting will be held Sunday, April 30th at 6:30pm in the lower church hall at Sacred Heart. The book we will be discussing is “GI Brides” by Duncan Barrett & Nuala Calvi. The fascinating, true story of 4 British women who made the bold choice to leave family and the world they knew at the end of World War II to begin a new life in  America with the servicemen they married.

EPIC - Church History: A DVD Series

A 10-week DVD course with 2 videos each week, and no homework.
Saturdays from 16 September through 18 November
10am to 12 noon

As Catholics, we are heirs to a remarkable heritage. The history of our Faith is so much more than a list of facts and dates. It is a fascinating story of adventure, rebellion, tragedy, and triumph. A story 2,000 years in the making, one word best describes Catholic history: Epic.

Epic: A Journey through Church History is a captivating and fast-paced look at the story of the Catholic Church. Beginning with the lives of the apostles all the way up to the present day, Epic takes the immense history of the Church and simpli es it into twelve, color-coded time periods. In the course of ten weeks, participants learn about the major people, places, and events that comprise the captivating story of Christianity. This study provides participants with an understanding of Church history that enables them to have a greater sense of meaning and identity as Catholics.

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Scripture Study

CHRISM of the South Region of the Archdiocese of Boston sponsors periodic series of scripture studies, some of which are hosted for the collaborative in the parish hall at Sacred Heart Parish.

A new series will be listed shortly, and will be held in Sacred Heart parish hall in the fall. The suggested offering is $5 per session. 

The Book of Revelation, also known as The Apocalypse, while piquing people’s curiosity is seldom read, much less studied. This course will be an introduction to this esoteric literature.

More information on CHRISM can be found here.

Catechism of the Catholic Church - Online

This important document is available now online. Click here to read the catechism.


Adult Faith Formation

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