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Chowder and Stations - 02/28/2020

Lenten Friday "Chowder and Stations" has begun. Chowder dinner at 5:30 pm and Stations of the Cross at 6:30pm in Sacred Heart parish hall and church. $5 per person. No reservations necessary.

Psalms: The School of Prayer - 02/29/2020

We resume our Scripture study of the Psalms on the Saturday mornings of Lent, 10am-12noon at Sacred Heart. $30/person, which enables you to view any missed video presentations online. Read more

St. Joseph Celebration - 03/22/2020

Our first St. Joseph procession, Mass and reception! Procession at 9:30am, 10 am Mass, followed by a variety of food items by parishioners... Sacred Heart church and parish hall.

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny! - 04/05/2020

Our annual Palm Sunday celebration! 9:30 procession followed by 10 am Palm Sunday Mass and breakfast with the Easter Bunny in the parish cafeteria at Sacred Heart.

Lent Schedule - 02/28/2020

Our complete Lenten information can be found here. Read more


Archdiocesan News


Couples find creative ways to scale back weddings during pandemic

ST. PAUL, Minn. (CNS) -- Because of her devotion to St. Joseph, Anne Spinharney wanted her wedding to be on the saint's feast day, March 19. Read more

COVID-19 denies Eucharist to Catholics Holy Thursday, the day of its origin

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- For most Catholics, Holy Thursday 2020 will be a Eucharist-free one. It's one of the holiest days on the liturgical calendar, a day associated with the Last Supper, where Jesus instituted the holy Eucharist, turning the bread and wine into his real presence. Read more

Pope sets up new commission to study women deacons

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis has established a new "Study Commission on the Female Diaconate" as a follow-up to a previous group that studied the history of women deacons in the New Testament and the early Christian communities. Read more

I'm providing health care, and prayer, during COVID-19

NEW YORK (CNS) -- In early March, I sat with two other New York City emergency medicine colleagues as part of an interfaith sharing at Fordham University, "Where Faith and Medicine Intersect." Read more

Cardinal's Palm Sunday homily

I am sure that we all have great memories of many celebrations of Palm Sunday in the past. The beginning of Holy Week with a procession of the palms is usually a celebration marked by enthusiasm and excitement. But as I look back over my long life, there are certainly three Palm Sunday's that stand out. The first one was April 7, 1968. That was three days after the assassination of Martin Luther King. The assassination occasioned terrible rioting in Washington, DC, with over 700 fires in the city. They brought fire trucks from Richmond and Philadelphia to help. For several days, the White House was surrounded with tanks and there were soldiers with bayonets on every street corner in Washington. There was a curfew, a lockdown. I was living in the basement of Sacred Heart Church on 16th Street with 300 men, women and children mostly immigrants and some old people whose buildings had been burnt down. Palm Sunday was the first day we emerged from the lockdown, and we processed through the neighborhood with the palms, surrounded by the destruction left behind by the rioting. Read more



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