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Dear Friends in Christ,


This is an exciting time for Sacred Heart Parish.  As we face the challenges of our diverse and ever-changing community of faith, we can look back with gratitude for the prayers and contributions of thousands of families like yours. For 115 years, our parish has formed the foundation of North Quincy community, and each generation has instilled our sacred core values in the next. God has indeed shown his light upon our parish, and he continues to bestow his blessings on us each day. 

These blessings that have sustained us now inspire us to join together to address the urgent need to repair our church’s bell tower. Through the Inspiring Hope campaign, Sacred Heart Parish will be able to:  

  • Repoint the original mortar on the entire tower
  • Repair or replace original large limestone blocks
  • Install new, long-lasting anchoring systems

Additionally, we will:

  • Provide a parish gift to Catholic Charities of Boston to invest in growing demands for basic food, shelter, and assistance programs, and
  • Fulfill our parish’s contribution to the 2019 Catholic Appeal

To the right are photos of the damage to the bell tower, and please read both our Case for Support and our Inspiring Hope FAQs to further inform yourself of our great need. 

Reaching the $1 million goal of our Inspiring Hope capital campaign will require extraordinary gifts and extraordinary sacrifice from our entire parish family. It is good news that during the time I have been fortunate enough to serve as your pastor, I have witnessed the extraordinary demonstrated time and time again. This community is full of generous, thoughtful, committed parishioners who care deeply for the Church and want to see Sacred Heart thrive for years to come.

It is in that spirit of generosity and stewardship that I invite you to prayerfully consider making a five year commitment to this campaign that is in addition to your regular support for the parish. While it may be difficult or impossible for a family to write a check for $1,000 per year for the next five years – it may very well be possible to deduct $100 per month from the family checking or savings. In making such a sacrifice, a family could offer a gift of $6,000 over the course of the campaign! 

Whatever you decide, I hope that you can find a way to make a pledge that is both joyful to give and is meaningful to you given you or your family’s own financial circumstances. Your support of Inspiring Hope will be a profound sacrificial witness that honors our history, affirms our present ministry, and helps us lay the foundation for a vibrant Catholic future in Quincy and beyond.

Thank you so much for considering my request to support our tower project.  I deeply appreciate your support of our parish and our Catholic Faith and your thoughtful consideration of this request. Please know of my continued prayers for you and your family, and of my gratitude for all you do every day in the name of God and Sacred Heart Parish.

God Bless,

Fr. Lou Palmieri


Please read our materials:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Case Study Document


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